Amino Miracle Diet

 Amino Miracle is a comprehensive and complete approach to
weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

You will not only take the weight off, you'll learn how to eat to keep the weight off!


Here's how Amino Miracle works:

take your Amino Miracle Capsules 

Amino Miracle Capsules contain a complex of 13 important Amino Acids 

Amino Miracle formulas support organs, glands, and bodily functions,  for increased fat loss without undue stress to the body  

the combination of Amino Miracle formula and our exclusive Low-Glycemic Eating Plans will keep you comfortable as you lose weight

choose from a wide variety of low-glycemic foods in our Amino Miracle Regular and Vegetarian Eating Plans

the Amino Miracle Diet is also low-carbohydrate and by eliminating just three of the options, is gluten-free 

there are no packaged foods to buy with Amino Miracle - these foods are REAL and are all easily found in your grocery store 

with Amino Miracle you eat FIVE times a day!   breakfast - snack - lunch - snack - dinner

 you will enjoy a wide variety of protein, fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, fats, dairy and starch

Amino Miracle Food Options allow cream in coffee, dressing on salad, avocado, miracle noodles, even a little treat of wine or chocolate, if desired

Amino Miracle allows for comfortable weight loss, while your system detoxes, cleanses, releases stored fats and toxins, and rebalances

►exercise is not required during the Amino Miracle Diet, but exercisers will love that they may continue to exercise, if they wish

cravings for unhealthy foods diminish on the Amino Miracle Diet, while cravings for healthier foods increase

remain on the diet phase of Amino Miracle for as little as 21 days minimum 

move on to the maintenance phase of Amino Miracle, with increased calories, quantities & variety

during the maintenance phase you will learn how to eat so that you can maintain your weight loss and enjoy your healthier new food choices, body and lifestyle!


Amino Miracle makes it EASY to lose the weight!

You will eat a healthy, balanced, 1,000 calorie menu that includes 
BREAKFAST, a mid-morning SNACK, LUNCH, a mid-afternoon SNACK, and DINNER!
Choose your own proteins, vegetables, fruits, starch, healthy fat, and extra options from our 

Regular Menu or Vegetarian Eating Plans
or use Amino Miracle Capsules with your own healthy eating plan!

You will take your
Amino Miracle Formula

 Amino Miracle Capsules
13 Amino Acids
The combination of Amino Miracle formula
with our exclusive low-glycemic Regular Menu or Vegetarian Menu 
is the key to healthy, fast, comfortable weight loss. 

Amino Miracle Capsules contain 13 amazing Amino Acids to support your system while you lose weight!
Amino Miracle formula make it even easier
to stay on our low-glycemic 1,000 calorie diet
(or use Amino Miracle Capsules with your own healthy eating plan),
while supporting the organs, glands, and functions of the body,
so that you experience increased fat loss
without undue stress to the body,
maintain lean muscle,
and promote a healthy balanced system throughout the body. 

Amino Miracle formulas are produced in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered,
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility in the United States,
using only superior, highest grade raw materials.

Amino Miracle Capsules:  See Ingredient List and Descriptions Here

You will receive all the TOOLS you need to set you up for SUCCESS!

Amino Miracle Formula - with 13 Amino Acids

Regular and Vegetarian options with delicious, healthy, low-glycemic foods that are easily found in your grocery store or use Amino Miracle Capsules with your own healthy eating plan!

 Coach Support ~ with you every step of the program


Downloadable Amino Miracle Calorie Tracker, Pounds & Inches Chart, Daily Tracker, and Grocery List

Access to our secured online Amino Miracle Members areas where you'll find:

Detailed Step-by-Step Instruction ~ we explain it all in easy to understand language

TIPS ~ to make the program fun, easy and comfortable for you

Delicious Recipes ~ losing weight never tasted so good! 


You will have the SUPPORT of your personal Coach

No monthly fees.  No hidden costs.  No upsells.

We don't trick you into any recurring charges on your credit card! 
ou do not need to buy any additional supplements or add-ons!  

Here's what a few of our Amino Miracle Members had to say:   

"I bought the program for my boyfriend a few weeks ago.  He is doing AWESOME on it!  He has been averaging a pound a day!" - M.A.

"Thanks to Amino Miracle!  20 lbs in the month of January and this girl is ready to take on 2013!  Thank you Amino for teaching me the new habits that I know will stick!  This was the BEST plan!"  - Jodi 20 pounds

"Yeah!  15.2 pounds - after 4 weeks!  My "big girl" pants are almost too loose to wear now!  WOO!  HOO!"  -April 15.2 pounds

"Wow.  What a great start! 4.4 loss this am!"  - Karyn  - 4.4 after just 1 day

"Like many of you I have been on every diet known to man, in my 56 year old life.  Most I lost weight on ... but NONE as easily or successfully as the Amino Miracle Diet.  The Number 1 reason is the support I receive from the nutrition coach online.  The website is FULL of information, in an easy to read, easy to follow format.  The menu choices, the downloadable tools, the certified nutrition coach, all have been instrumental in my meeting my goal of losing SEVENTEEN pounds in a little over a month.  It is REAL food, fruits, veggies, and lots of protein.  The amino acid drops are FULL of fat-burning ingredients.  They are easy to use and keep my body burning at optimum levels.  If you have pounds to lose and want to lose them safely, fast, and with a support level beyond all others ... you MUST try Amino Miracle!" – Joyce  -17 pounds 

“This protocol is super easy and has such a variety it's impossible to get bored! I ate something new practically daily! The fact that I ate pistachios and avocado was such a huge plus.  I'm really happy with my results.  No crazy fine print, no hidden rules to miss, just plain and simple! I'll definitely recommend it!”  - Cathy  -13.6 lbs in just 21 days



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