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Leslie on March 28, 2010 at 3:04 PM said:

hCGMiracle is the best thing!! I lost 22 lbs and maintaining! AFTER my cruise I'm going to do another round to lose another 15 lbs!!!! Feeling good!
M on March 27, 2010 at 9:08 AM said:

I just started HCG last wednesday and I am already down 10 pounds ! I never thought it would be so easy to lose wieght! Its been a chalange but its worth it!
Stacy Goss on March 22, 2010 at 6:34 PM said:

Just wanted to give Audrey big hugs for all the support! Finished program last week. We're still losing since we haven't added sugar back into our lives (yet). Jim down 36 lbs and I'm down 26 as of this morning. My eating habits have changed, so has the food I crave ... which I was the last person on earth that would love salad ... and I do! Good thoughts for all of you on your way to better health.
Patti on March 16, 2010 at 10:25 AM said:

Thanks to Joyce and Audrey for plowing their way through this 'phenomenal' way of loosing weight and documenting their journey for us to learn from.

I too, also tried every diet out there, Exercise tapes, Piliates training, Pilates machines, Treadmills, Shakes, Personal Trainers, Jenny Craig, Nutri System. etc. with only slight changes. I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 46 and the weight poured on and I couldn't shed it.

With Hcg, I have been able to loose 28 lbs, my first round, and will only have to go one more round (if that), to get to my goal weight. This has been the most effective, cheapest, safest, and amazing miracle 'life change' that I have ever done... I will never be overweight again... this has truly changed my life. I am a walking Billboard.. I want to shout it out to the world! :)

Patricia McGee on March 12, 2010 at 8:43 AM said:

Not only is it worth every penny, it's the BEST gift you will EVER give to yourself!! To my knowledge, there is NO diet out there where you will lose this much weight and inches AND feel amazing while doing it!! DO IT!!! :)

hCGMIracle is without a doubt the friendliest and MOST supportive wall on facebook!! Join our Miracle family!
J.S. on March 11, 2010 at 3:47 PM said:

Your online classes are THE BEST!!!!!! I always refer back to them when I start another phase. This round I picked up on drinking a quart of H20 between doses of drops and did the Hap Pee Dance all night. No stressing on load days as I KNEW the weight would come right back off ... sure enough down 4.2 this morning :) hCGMiracle is the best site!!!
LaDawnia Gifford on March 11, 2010 at 2:53 PM said:

Worth every penny guys! It will change your life as you see the pounds AND inches melt away AND STAY OFF! You will regain confidence and even get a few whistles along the way! Hcg changed my life and it can change yours! Just do it!
Alaska Skookem on February 21, 2010 at 9:01 AM said:

Yesterday was my last day of round one drops; down a total of 26.6 pounds, and an overall loss of 20.25 inches. Happy Dance! I have lost all of the weight that I gained over the past 5 years! I still have more to go, but I have gained the confidence to know that I can do this!

This journey began for me when my personal physician gave it to me straight. I had gained an average of 5 pounds a year, over the past 10-12 years. The bottom line was a life choice; did I want to continue on this trend for another 10 years? Was that really the quality of life that I wanted for myself in my 50's and 60's? It was a profound NO! It was pointed out to me that if my *rearend* was fat, my heart was also fat. It's as simple as that my friends! So, began the journey...

hCGMiracle wasn't the first direction I headed, but after finding this site, and the support it offers, it's the only direction I'm heading in for life! I tell everyone that I share this site with that it will be *strict*, but also *easy*, once you become accustomed to the protocol. Hang in there, and enjoy the journey ~ and the results!

Stephanie Wood on February 12, 2010 at 11:43 AM said:

I was down 27 lbs yesterday morning!! ... Had to buy a new pair of jeans!!! and I am not sure what to do about a uniform at work.....my pants are so dern baggy!! LOVE IT!!!I feel soooo good!! My face got so skinny!!! ... I used to dream of looking like this ... it is reality!! Thanks so much for informing me of it!! xoxoxoxoxoxo
Cathy Rosales on December 7, 2009 at 10:07 PM said:

First and foremost...I LOVE HCG with all my heart and soul!!! I've always been on the "chunky" side, but after moving in with my bf and picking up bad habits i gained a 30 LBS!!!! I felt awful!!! Nothing fit me anymore, I didnt even feel like the same person! I tried a few different diets, and i started going to the gym and say results, but VERY SMALL!!!

One day, I was talking to a friend about my weight and how i wanted to lose 30 lbs. She then told me that she had lost 15 lbs in 3 wks!!! I said WTH!!! How??? She told me about HcG and how it worked, but i have to admit I was very hesitant and skeptical!!! Not until a month later I said to myself, "what do i have to lose??" I did a couple weeks of research and I decided HCG was the way to go....And even when I recieved my bottle...I still hesitated for another week!!!! :) But as soon as I started I felt sooo good!

The weight came off...and QUICKLY!!! I have never felt better in my short life and I'm ready to do another round very soon! HCG is truly a "cure" and it really does change lives! I know I sound like an infomercial, but I'm 100% serious! Lol! This stuff is the best! :)

Kristi Nielson on December 2, 2009 at 8:32 PM said:

I have to say that my experience with HCG has been wonderful! I had my 3rd kid Sept 20th, and to tell you the truth I have never been so heavy in my life. I am 27 and the day I went in to have my baby I weighed 220!! I know that its called "being pregnant" but it was very hard for me.

I Cheerleaded in High School and weighed a wopping 108 lbs, and now 3 kids later and trying diets like Nutrisystem, Slim in 6, Turbo Jam etc. Nothing has worked for me. Then one day I saw a friend who just had a baby 2 months befor me and she looked GREAT!!!! I asked "What the #$%^ have you been doing?" she laughed and told me about HCG. I somtimes feel it was an answer to my prayers to run into her that day! So anyways, after having baby and loosing what they call the "Water Weight" I was down to 194 lbs and a size 15, so I orderd HCG and started my journey on OCT 3rd.

I did 25 days and lost 25 lbs, went from a size 15 to a 9, and from 194 lbs to 169!! I can't say that it was always easy, but it came to a point in my life where I decided that I was not going to let food CONTROL me anymore, I am finally starting to feel good about myself again! I still have a long ways to go but I know I can do this, I did my 3 weeks of maintenance and now am on day 11 of adding back starches and sugars and am still am at my same weight.

I start my next round Jan 1st and my goal weight is 135. The funny thing is that if you would have told me when I got pregnant that when my baby was 2 and a half months old I would weigh less than when I found out I was pregnant I would have never believed it! HCG trully is a cure and a journey that is so worth taking!

I hope this didnt bore anyone to bad, but honestly if it was not for some of the women on this sight like Joyce and Audrey I dont think I would have made it past my first round, I look forward to getting on my computer everyday and reading what they have to say and answering my questions!! So Thanks!! Its nice to have a place to come for support!! HCG is a MIRACLE!!

Audrey on November 19, 2009 at 9:33 PM said:

Round 2 - I lost 28 lbs on hCG - in just 6 weeks! 3.5" off waist; 4.5" off hips; 3.25" off left thigh; 3.25" off right thigh! They don't call it "Pounds & Inches" for nothin'! hCG is my MIRACLE!!

Round 2 - short round - lost a total of 44 POUNDS! I'm in a size 6 for the first time in my adult life! I LOVE hCGMiracle!!
Lori on November 19, 2009 at 9:53 AM said:

Hcg WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on round 2, day 8 of vlcd and DOWN 19.2 pounds!!!! If you have ANY doubt whatsoever about Hcg, I'm telling you, DON'T! It is truly a MIRACLE!!!!
Joyce on November 17, 2009 at 12:26 PM said:

Let me be the first to give a testimonial. HCG is a MIRACLE! While using it to achieve my weight loss I have had more energy than ever. I guess the burning of 2500 to 3000 calories of FAT stokes quiet a fire in my energy tank! I have not had ONE moment of hunger, even in my final 3 days without the drops, when HCG was still coursing through my body. This site, I am convinced, will be just the tool that people are looking for for accurate information, positive feedback, amazing support, and I am convinced the online classes will be invaluable! Thanks HCGMIRACLE!!!!
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